Who will be guardians for legions of ‘unbefriended’ elders? A new initiative tries to address an urgent and growing problem in Mass.

Guardianship for Elders

By Kay Lazar Globe Staff,Updated February 27, 2023 Mary Kate Egan is a care manager at Public Guardian Services. She regularly meets with a social worker at Watertown Rehabilitation and Nursing Center before she checks in on one of her clients. Suzanne Kreiter\Globe staffSuzanne Kreiter/Globe Staff The man was adamant. He did not, he insisted, […]

Britney Spears Conservatorship


What it is For the last thirteen years, fans of Britney Spears wait avidly for updates of her life. They wait anxiously for any clue as to what her life is like under the veil of her conservatorship. Thirteen years ago, celebrity Britney Spears began her legal battle in opposition of her court appointed conservator. […]

Closing Costs When Using A Mortgage To Buy Property

Real Estate

We’ve taken a look at all the closing costs you must pay when you buy a home with all cash. The main goal of that post was to not leave cash buyers broadsided by unanticipated costs when making an aggressive offer. Given most real estate buyers need a mortgage to purchase, it is even more relevant […]

Navigating child custody in the time of coronavirus

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(CNN)For years, Erika Lenkert’s 14-year-old daughter has spent four days a week at Lenkert’s house in San Francisco and three days a week at her dad’s place in Marin County, about a 30-minute car ride north. But amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the family’s custody arrangement has been anything but regular. The girl’s father is dating […]

MOLST Frequently Asked Questions – Patients and Families

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What is a MOLST form?  MOLST is a medical form similar to a prescription.  It contains instructions from a clinician (physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant) to other heath professionals (e.g., nurses, emergency responders), about what life-sustaining medical treatments to try or not try on a patient, based on the patient’s own decisions. What are “life-sustaining treatments”? […]

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