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At McLaughlin law, we will provide guidance and legal advice to buyers, sellers, commercial landlords and tenants.

Our firm has the ability to handle both the simple and complex real estate cases, which includes cases involving:

  • Purchase and Sale Agreements:
    advising buyers and sellers on all aspects of drafting and negotiating
  • Residential Real Estate Issues:
    Representing buyers and sellers in all aspects of residential real estate including buying, selling, financing, and leasing
  • Conveyancing:
    Representation of clients who are buying, selling or refinancing
  • Commercial Real Estate Issues:
    Counseling clients on all commercial real estate issues including financing, development, and buy and sell agreements
  • Residential and Commercial Lease Negotiation:
    Advise lessor and lessee clients in commercial lease situations

Purchase and Sales Agreement Lawyer in MA

A purchase and sales agreement is a legal contract between a buyer and seller. For both parties, it may be the most important contract they sign. No one buying or selling in New Hampshire or Massachusetts should navigate and agree to a purchase and sales agreement without legal representation. The Law Office of Brian J. McLaughlin can be your source for up-to-date information about real estate laws and guidance when you are selling or investing in a property.

Commercial real estate lawyer Boston MA

The purchase and sales agreement is a complex and detailed legal contract that will contain information about the purchase price, fees, deed preparation, closing costs, escrow accounts, insurance, and condition of property. It will also outline any warranties, deposits, and smoke detector and carbon monoxide certificates from the local fire company. It essentially defines all of the terms of the purchase and clearly outlines deadlines for purchase.

The Real Estate Process

The process of buying or selling can be complicated, overwhelming, and exciting all at once. Attorney McLaughlin can be the clear-headed legal advocate you need in your corner during the entire process. He will explain the agreement, answer questions, negotiate terms, and ensure stipulations, such as repairs or concessions, are outlined. Attorney McLaughlin is a real estate attorney who understands what is at stake during the purchase and sales agreement process. He will work tirelessly to protect your rights and investment. He also takes a personal approach and is available to help guide you through the venture. Knowing what to expect and being fully informed of what you are entering into is vital when buying or selling a property in New Hampshire or Massachusetts. With Attorney McLaughlin in your corner, you can rest assured you will be heard and on your way to a smooth and fair transaction.

Deep Preparation Lawyer for Boston MA

The real estate transaction process can be time-consuming, complex, and overwhelming regardless of whether you are the buyer or seller. There are many detailed contracts and stages throughout the process. One part of a real estate transaction that calls for comprehensive and experienced legal handling is the deed preparation. Whether closing on a property in Massachusetts, real estate attorney Brian J. McLaughlin can help you in preparing the deed.

Deed preparation services are important because the deed has to be absolutely correct and handled properly for the entire deal to be legal. There is no room for error or mistake. The deed must have the correct description of the land and structure that is being delivered to the buyer from the seller. It must also be properly filed with the Register of Deeds. Without being properly recorded, the transaction will not be legally complete.

Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Attorney

There is too much riding on the deed preparation step to leave it to just anyone. When you turn to the Law Office of Brian J. McLaughlin for your deed preparation services or reviewing a purchase and sales agreement, you can feel confident in the process. He will execute every step of a real estate deal with diligence and with a complete and thorough understanding of all laws and regulations. He knows what all is at stake and how important any real estate transaction is to the people involved. This is why Attorney McLaughlin goes out of her way to be available for questions and to explain every step of the process. He will work tirelessly to handle your deed preparation in a timely and professional matter.

For every stage of your real estate transactions, including deed preparation, let the Law Office of Brian J. McLaughlin guide you through the process and help make the transaction as smooth and timely as possible.

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