Closing Costs When Using A Mortgage To Buy Property

Real Estate

We’ve taken a look at all the closing costs you must pay when you buy a home with all cash. The main goal of that post was to not leave cash buyers broadsided by unanticipated costs when making an aggressive offer. Given most real estate buyers need a mortgage to purchase, it is even more relevant […]

Purchase and Sale Agreement: What You Need To Know

Real Estate

As anyone who has been involved in a home sale can attest, the mountains of paperwork involved in such a transaction can feel overwhelming. No document in the sales process is as important as the purchase and sale agreement, however. Both sides need to understand this agreement completely before signing; with that in mind, here […]

Real Estate Lawyer Responsibilities

Real Estate

A real estate lawyer works tooth and nail to document and review real estate transactions, for both buyers and sellers. These transactions include lease agreements, purchases, home inspections, and even appraisals. The lawyer also reviews any offers and makes sure that all your rights are protected and your duties are clearly defined. In case things go wrong […]

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