Navigating child custody in the time of coronavirus

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(CNN)For years, Erika Lenkert’s 14-year-old daughter has spent four days a week at Lenkert’s house in San Francisco and three days a week at her dad’s place in Marin County, about a 30-minute car ride north. But amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the family’s custody arrangement has been anything but regular. The girl’s father is dating […]

MOLST Frequently Asked Questions – Patients and Families

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What is a MOLST form?  MOLST is a medical form similar to a prescription.  It contains instructions from a clinician (physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant) to other heath professionals (e.g., nurses, emergency responders), about what life-sustaining medical treatments to try or not try on a patient, based on the patient’s own decisions. What are “life-sustaining treatments”? […]

Feds Clarify Special Ed Guidance For School Closures

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Troubled that some districts were choosing not to educate students at all because of special education concerns, the U.S. Department of Education is rethinking its advice to schools. With a fact sheet released over the weekend, the Education Department said it is seeking to address a “serious misunderstanding.” “It was extremely disappointing to hear that some school […]

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