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If you want to preserve the long-term health of your family, mediation is a worthwhile path to explore before resorting to litigation. In mediation, a neutral participant assists disputing parties in resolving their disagreement by facilitating discussions and guiding them to appropriate resources and advisors. Attorney Brian McLaughlin is a family law mediation lawyer in Boston Massachusetts. For a Free Consultation Contact Us Today or Call law mediation lawyer Boston MA

Using family law mediation services you will experience:

  • sound decision-making,
  • reconciliation of divergent views,
  • clearing the air,
  • lessening resentment,
  • greater understanding,
  • improved communication, and
  • transformation of relationships.

As a trained family law mediation lawyer in Boston MA, Brian McLaughlin has practice working with couples and families to resolve their pending conflict.

Whether you’re curious about the mediation process or you’d like to discuss if it’s appropriate for your case, Brian offers free legal consultations during which time you can learn more about mediation and discuss your specific needs.

Our approach to mediation

Our approach to mediation is to allow people to air their grievances in a safe space with a qualified, third-party neutral in hopes that the party will facilitate discussion toward settlement.

Mediation might be appropriate for those who truly want to put their child/children first or who feel constrained by the court process.

Parenting Coordination

“Parenting coordination is a hybrid legal-mental health role that combines assessment, education, case management, conflict management, dispute resolution, and, at times, decision-making functions.

Parenting coordination is a child-focused process conducted by a licensed mental health or family law professional, or a certified, qualified or regulated family mediator under the rules or laws of their jurisdiction, with practical professional experience with high conflict family cases.

Parenting coordination is for cooperants who are unable or unwilling to jointly make parenting decisions, communicate effectively, comply with parenting agreements and orders or shield their children from the impact of parental conflict” (Association of Family and Conciliation Courts Guidelines for Parenting Coordination).

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