Special Education lawyer in Boston MA

Special Education Lawyer in Boston MA

Attorney Brian McLaughlin is a Special Education lawyer in Boston Massachusetts. When your child has special needs, you may feel overwhelmed by the daunting task of navigating the disability world. Challenges you face can range from finding the right accommodations for your child, to accessing educational materials to ensure your child’s Free and Appropriate Education by means of an appropriate Individualized Education Plan (IEP). McLaughlin Law, and specifically Attorney Brian McLaughlin, has had experience in all stages of the Board of Special Education Appeals process, from IEP meetings to settlement conferences and beyond. As a special education lawyer, Brian’s vast professional and personal understanding puts him in a position to best advocate for your child and help your family navigate the special education world. For a Free Consultation, Contact Us or Call Today! 617-236-5847.

Attorney McLaughlin believes that families are often led astray by the many people and sources of special education information. Some of the toughest scenarios are when families push off meeting with an attorney after they have expelled their valuable time and strength fighting the school alone. Brian’s door is always open for case evaluation to help families use their resources and emotional energy most efficiently.

Not only does Attorney McLaughlin practice in the private sector, but he is active in the Special Education field. One program he volunteers at is Surrogate Parent Program. This program provides volunteers to serve as “surrogate parents” for children on IEP’s in DCF custody. Brian has also given numerous presentations on various special education topics on behalf of his firm, as well as the Federation for Children With Special Needs. He’s also a member of Special Needs Advocacy Network, and served on their Board of Directors.

McLaughlin Law can provide legal advice in the follow areas:

  • Case Evaluation (IEP’s and medical reports)
  • Attend IEP meetings
  • Attend Student Discipline Hearings
  • Facilitate negotiations
  • Attend mediations
  • Draft BSEA Complaint
  • Appear before the BSEA
  • Appear at BSEA Settlement Conference
  • Tour potential schools

For a full list of public resources for Special Education, click here.

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