Day 2 at RECon The Global Retail Real Estate Convention


Day 2 at RECon featured a view of the market from a national perspective and addressed the emerging trends in the shopping center industry. Despite what is written in the paper regarding Amazon and other online shoppers, this market only comprises a small portion of the data according to the research analyst. Markets continue to be […]

Day 1 at the RECon The Global Retail Real Estate Convention


Day 1 at RECon featured a discussion of emerging trends in real estate. Emerging trends continue to be people’s increased move into the cities or surrounding lifestyle centers where people have multi-channel experiences, meaning they have access to everything that they could possibly want in one place. Take for example, the Assembly Row in Somerville. […]

The 2017 Child Support Guidelines


The 2017 Child Support Guidelines were released as of July 18, 2017, and they go into effect September 15, 2017. These guidelines will affect orders prospectively; they will not affect already existing orders. These child support guidelines are modified every four years to reflect changes in case law and inflation. After reviewing the newest guidelines, […]

Our Most Recent Legal Events: ICSC and AFCC


Attorney McLaughlin attended the recent International Counsel of Shopping Centers yearly conference.  The conference examined the changing face of malls, issues around lease drafting, and changing trends. Guest speakers included Steve Wozniak, Suze Orman, and Serena Williams.  Attorney McLaughlin attended this conference to help provide the best legal advice in this day and age to […]

Divorcing With Disabled Children


Attorneys Brian McLaughlin and Peter Farrell presented at one of the Boston Bar Association’s monthly Brown Bag seminars. Attorney McLaughlin, a family and special education attorney, and Attorney Farrell, a special education attorney, spoke about the process of divorcing with a disabled child and co-parenting. The presentation covered the unique perspective of having a child […]

How Joint Custody Child Support Works

Child Support

From the family court’s point of view, child support is often straightforward if there is only one custodial parent. But when joint custody exists, divorcing parents are sometimes surprised to learn that child support is still awarded. In Massachusetts, those calculations are based on factors such as the distribution of time in which the children […]

Purchase and Sale Agreement: What You Need To Know

Real Estate

As anyone who has been involved in a home sale can attest, the mountains of paperwork involved in such a transaction can feel overwhelming. No document in the sales process is as important as the purchase and sale agreement, however. Both sides need to understand this agreement completely before signing; with that in mind, here […]

The Most Critical Child Custody Forms


Going through a separation or divorce can be devastating all by itself, but when children are involved, the added stress and pressure and be extraordinary. If you’re seeking parental rights for your youngster, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of child custody forms available. In the state of Massachusetts, there are many forms, and […]

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