Why You Should Not Dread the Parent Education Class

It seems like only yesterday that you are cutting the cake, putting on the veil and the best man or maid of honor is telling a mildly inappropriate joke to a room of your family and closest friends. You have made the decision to separate from your significant other, or you have been served with divorce papers. And now the state is requiring me to take a class?

I had the distinct pleasure of sitting through one of the very same classes taught by Ann Steele LICSW and her colleague. I want to begin by thanking the parents who allowed me to participate in the class. Describing their painful shared experience. I learned that next to experiencing the death of a spouse or love one, divorce is the third most painful human experiences according to studies. As divorce is one of the most painful experiences you will ever go through the course helps one to identify and sheds light on the feelings they are feeling as well as the stages they’re going through. As litigants begin the divorce process the course confronts issues such as, co-parenting, the stages of grief, and the issues your child may confront during this traumatic time. The course also expounds on what to expect from your child as they navigate through the process themselves. Day one focuses on the feelings of the parents and early childhood development. Whereas day two to focuses on adolescence and the future of the family. I would encourage each of my clients to attend this training not because it is mandatory but rather because it is necessary for the betterment of your family. My father always told me that you must play the hand that you are dealt. Divorce ultimately can be a shocking and devastating hand but it is up to both parties involved to play that hand to the best of their ability. I’m a better attorney and you will be a better parent having had the experience of taking the divorce state-mandated course. Yes it is mandatory. Yes it is a cost $80, and yes is worth it. Who knows you may find a support group or even a new friend who has the same shared experience. The classes take place at the Dedham community house.

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