When do I need child custody lawyers?

If your partner has filed for divorce, or both you and your spouse have decided to go separate ways, the issue of child custody is definitely of utmost importance. A lawyer who specializes in child custody may be necessary because not all divorce or family lawyers have the experience in handling the placement of children after couples have separated or divorced. In most cases, when the divorce or separation goes on smoothly with both parties agreeing on most of the settlement terms, family lawyers can handle the placement of the children.

However, when there are conflicts in the separation and both parties want things to go their way, it is best to consult a child custody lawyer in order to put the best interests of your child first. Child custody lawyers specialize in solving difficult child custody issues such as interstate child custody cases, and always work aim to put the best interests of the children involved first.

Here is when you need to hire child custody lawyers:

When you are having disagreements about child welfare

If you are having disagreements about the best interests of your child after separation, then it’s time to hire a child custody lawyer. In most cases, parents have disagreements on child custody issues based on emotions and not facts. A child custody lawyer will listen to your case, access it, and offer advice on the best terms likely to ensure the best interests of your child. They understand the statutes, regulations, and rules relating to child custody cases in your area, and will use this to help you win your child’s custody.

When you have a complex divorce or separation case at hand

If your divorce or separation case is getting heated up and there are major disagreements between you and your partner, it is time to consult a child custody lawyer. It may be that you cannot even have productive conversations with your partner because of hate and resent. If your divorce case is sour and you just can’t reach any agreement terms with your partner, a child custody lawyer will help you fight for the custody of your child by engaging your partner themselves, or engaging your partner’s lawyer if they also have one.

When you are not confident to represent yourself in court

If you are not sure how you can represent yourself in court or don’t even know how to proceed with establishing custody arrangements against an unwilling spouse, it’s best that you hire a child custody lawyer. You do not want your partner hiring a lawyer who will do anything to discredit you and make you lose your child’s custody just because you didn’t know how best to represent yourself in court hearings.

All in all, whether you decide to take your partner head on or consult an attorney, the best advice is to have a consultation with an experienced attorney who can answer any of your questions and give you legal advice that is most appropriate for your scenario.

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