What are CRA’S?!

CRA’s – Children in Need of Assistance.

There are five categories of children in need of assistance.

1.) Run away=  repeatedly runs away from the home of his or her parents or legal guardian
2. )Stubborn child
= repeatedly disobeying reasonable and lawful commands such that parent is not able to care for the child
3.) School offender=
Failure to obey reasonable and lawful school rules
4.) Truant.
Fails to attend school 8 days or more in one quarter without proper documentation
5.) Sexually victimized child

Each category has its own definitional requirements. For example, in order to be designated a runaway, the child must run away repeatedly. If a child qualifies as a truant, they must miss 8 days of school. In all cases the child along with the service provider and the court seek to reduce conflict in the child’s life. Included below is the CRA pamphlet given out by the probation officers to the parent at court.

Click Here: CRA Pamphlet

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