Welcoming the Troops Home for the Holidays

With the War in Iraq officially over, scores of U.S. military members will be returning to the United States just in time for the holidays. While we are so happy to welcome our troops home, we must also recognize the host of issues facing our service members. The Department of Defense runs a website called MilitaryOneSource.mil which serves as a launch point for all kinds of services available to U.S. military members and their families. The website provides information and services on a wide range of issues facing service members and their families including: money management, relocation, parenting and child care as well as relationships, stress and grief, to name a few. Understanding that many of these issues are full time concerns, Military One Source operates 24 support by both phone and e-mail.

From poking around the website, one of the services I found was military subscriptions to the popular website SitterCity. SitterCity helps parents find well-qualified child care providers and babysitters in their areas. While typical memberships to parents run up to $140/year, the military offers free memberships to servicemen and women through a link on the Military One Source website.

Above all, Military One Source creates a community where members of the armed forces can find the support and help they need as they share the challenges and rewards of life in the military.

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