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If you’re thinking about buying a home in Somerville, MA, you will most likely need the services of a title closing lawyer. When you buy a home, your lawyer will help close the transaction and transfer the title to you. Title lawyers in Somerville, MA sometimes have other duties such as examining deeds and surveying land for county records. Working with a title closing lawyer at this time will make sure that your interests are represented throughout the transaction process from start to finish.

What is Title Closing?Title Closing Lawyer in Somerville MA

The term “title” refers to a document that proves ownership of a property. “Closing” means the transfer of the title from one party to another. The process itself is called “title closing,” and it does not always involve attorneys—but it definitely should!

Title closing involves transferring the “deed” from the seller (who wishes to transfer his/her ownership rights to the buyer), and providing the buyer with proof of her new ownership rights in the property. This process can be complicated, and you need an experienced attorney to ensure that you do not miss any important steps or protections.

Why Do You Need a Title Closing Attorney?

Real estate transactions are among the most significant financial decisions most people will make in their lifetime. They are regulated by state laws, and they often involve large amounts of money. Real estate transactions can be stressful, even if they go smoothly, so you want to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

A title closing lawyer will review all documentation pertaining to your property and ensure that it is properly executed according to Somerville MA law prior to transfer. By working with an attorney, you’ll be able to avoid future problems that may arise without proper documentation.

Title closing lawyers work with real estate agents, buyers and sellers in order to ensure that the buyer is purchasing property from the actual owner.

In order to do this, a title closing lawyer will research and review the public records for any liens, mortgages or other legal encumbrances against the property. A title closing lawyer will then prepare documents that will be signed by both parties during the closing process. These documents transfer ownership of the property from one person or entity to another. They will also make sure that all these documents are properly executed and then file them with the appropriate agency for recording.

Who Is a Title Closing Lawyer?

A title closing lawyer is a professional who concentrates in the transfer of property and ownership. When you purchase property, a title closing lawyer will ensure that you are able to gain full ownership of the property.

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