The Most Critical Child Custody Forms

Going through a separation or divorce can be devastating all by itself, but when children are involved, the added stress and pressure and be extraordinary. If you’re seeking parental rights for your youngster, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of child custody forms available. In the state of Massachusetts, there are many forms, and you might need to file several, depending on your unique situation.

The following are some of the most commonly-required child custody forms:

Massachusetts Child Custody Forms for:

Unwed Parents

Paternity, Complaint to Establish – Form CJD106

Support-Custody-Parenting Time, Complaint for – Form CJD109

This form may only be used by unwed parents. You should use this form if you wish to:

  • Request custody or parenting time with your child;
  • Obtain health insurance for your child;
  • Prohibit the other parent from imposing restraint on the personal liberty of you or your child.

Adoption & Change of Name

Change of Name – Form CJP27

This is the form you’ll need if you wish to change your child’s name. With regard to child custody situations, this form tends to be used when a parent wishes to change a child’s last name to that of him or herself.

Petition for Adoption and Affidavit of New Petitioners – Form CJP87

If you wish for a non-parental partner to adopt your child, you’ll need to file this form.

Actions of Contempt

Contempt, Complaint for – Form CJD103

This is the form you’ll use if you’re asking the court to enforce a judgment or order that’s already been mandated.

Divorce & Separation

If you’re filing for divorce or separation, you may need to fill out several forms. Depending on your unique circumstances, a number of factors may be attributable to the papers you file.

  • If you both want a divorce or separation, you’ll file Form CJD101A. This form is used when both spouses claim an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.
  • If you’re seeking a divorce without the knowledge or agreement of your spouse, you’ll file Form CJD101 or Form CJD101B. In either case, this form is more likely to be filed when you are seeking dissolution of the marriage without the immediate agreement of your spouse.

Domestic Relations & Familial Situations

Grandparent(s) Visitation – Petition for – Form CJD105

When two ends of the family tree are at odds, this form can help ensure the paternal or maternal grandparents are granted sufficient time with their grandchild(ren).

If you’re undergoing divorce or separation, it may be best to seek the assistance of a family attorney. When you have a legal professional on your side, he or she can walk you through the necessary child custody forms and explain the requirements and legalese in a more simplified manner.

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