My son has been in Early Intervention for the past year. He will be aging out at the end of January and starting with the Easton Public Schools. Although Brain is a great friend of mine I didn’t think twice about asking him to guide me and work me through the IEP process. His level of knowledge is outstanding and even though we are close he always gave me unbias advice on Eddie. I went into the meeting wanting my son to get into the 5 full-day Itegrated Program. However, at the end of the meeting we left with a 4 half-day Intergrated Program with individualized services. Brian’s compassionate honest words on Eddie at the meeting helped us develop a much better plan than was originally intended. I always felt that Brian had my son’s best interest at hand. Having Brian involved in this process as a lawyer, advocate, mentor and friend made it go extremely smooth and it turned out to be a win win for all parties.

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