Run to Home Base

On Sunday May 22 I had a chance to compete in my very first road race. Using my bike that I pedal with my arms, I raced the 5.6 miles in a little over an hour finishing over home plate at Fenway Park. The Run to Home Base is an annual event that seeks to raise money for veterans suffering from traumatic brain injuries or combat stress disorders. These invisible wounds are just as detrimental to veterans, but often times are stigmatized or receive less attention than physical wounds. The Home Base Program also provides support and treatment to families of veterans who are coping with how to best care for an injured loved on. This year the race attracted over 2,000 runners and raised $2.6 million for veterans and their loved ones in the New England area. It was very gratifying to make my road race debut supporting such a worthwhile cause!

Run-to-Home-Base Brian

Brian crossing the finish line in Fenway Park. Courtesy of the Boston Globe.
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