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While attorneys handle a broad range of legal cases, it can be difficult to know exactly what legal issues your attorney handles. Real estate law involves the sale, purchase, and transfer of property. The bulk of real estate legal work involves land transfers. This ranges from buying and selling houses and apartments to building homes and commercial buildings, as well as city planning approvals. Some real estate attorneys may have specific experience in areas such as dividing an apartment building among tenants or land ownership tied up in legal disputes with heirs.

Finding a Real Estate Attorney

Real estate transactions can be complicated, especially when there is more than one party involved in the transaction. In such cases, it’s best to hire a real estate attorney who can help you understand complex legal language and ensure your rights are protected. Most real estate attorneys have experience with matters that involve: buying or selling a home, leasing an apartment or commercial building, landlord-tenant issues, property title disputes, disputes between homeowners and contractors, zoning regulations,  and homeowners association (HOA) disputes.

What Does Real Estate Law Involve?

Real estate lawyers handle transactions involving land and buildings. This includes rent regulation, property tax appeals, zoning disputes and much more. Real estate lawyers also make sure that new owners get clean title without any legal issues attached by doing a title search and handling any necessary court proceedings. They also represent clients who have been charged with violating real estate laws—for example, failure to pay property taxes or illegal use of a property that violates local zoning ordinances.

What Are The Qualifications Of A Real Estate Lawyer?

In most cases, a real estate attorney is required to hold a law degree and have specialized training in real estate law. Some states require lawyers to pass the bar exam before practicing law. Real estate attorneys typically work with private clients, government agencies and corporations, but they can also work as independent consultants or mediators. In some cases, a real estate lawyer may work pro bono, offering limited legal services without charging any fees.

Real Estate Attorney Responsibilities

An attorney who specializes in real estate law will be able to provide you with legal advice regarding all matters related to your property. In addition, a real estate attorney can help you to make sure that any paperwork that is involved in the transaction and agreements related to the purchase or sale of your property are completed properly and in accordance with all applicable state laws.

As a real estate lawyer in Somerville MA, we can help you get answers to questions that may come up during the process, including questions about; title insurance, closing costs, documents for escrow, property deeds, and property disputes.

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