Readiness reentry program

I am delighted to be presenting with Raquel Webster, Senior General Counsel for National Grid, on the topic of family law and the Readiness Re-Entry Program as established by the Boston Bar Association’s Public Interest Leadership Program, Class of 2013. This program seeks to educate former inmates on a wide array of topics, including employment law, family law, bankruptcy, and many others. The Public Interest Leadership Class identified areas of critical need for former inmates who are re-entering society and tailored the program to help those individuals through the re-entry process.

It is a privilege and an honor to present alongside Attorney Raquel Webster. Through Attorney Webster’s efforts and with help from the Public Interest Leadership Program’s members, former inmates will have a greater chance of success, thereby decreasing the recidivism rate. Information equals power. The new skills that these newly freed individuals learn through this six-week course will give them a leg up in the outside world. It is days like this, that I’m proud to call myself a lawyer and a member of Boston’s legal community.

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