Preparing for a Military Yellow Ribbon Event

This weekend I went to a Military Yellow Ribbon event. Giving legal counsel to men and women who serve our country could quite possibly be one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done. Think about when you have gone on vacation and you pay some of your bills ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about them while you’re having fun in the sun. Now imagine you leave for a tour of duty but you don’t know if and when you will return home. Can you pay your bills ahead of time not knowing when you’re returning back home? Probably not. Therefore, there tends to be some legal issues back home while you are off fighting for your country (e.g. foreclosure, child-support, or alimony).

Thus, at the event, my colleagues and I tried to provide as much information as we could. However, their is so much that these brave individuals are facing you wonder if they are retaining what we and the other vendors are providing. One can see how some veterans could fall thru the cracks without an advocate at home to keep track of all the benefit programs and make calls on their behalf. I would advise bringing a family member or a close friend to one of these Military Yellow Ribbon events who could serve as your advocate. When you are their I would advise getting as many business cards as you can even if you think it may not pertain to your situation right now. Things may change when you are gone and you may need the resources and at least you will have the information to make the right phone call.

Then, make sure to make a note next to each contact to remind yourself who that person is. Make sure the note is something you will remember pertaining to what ever he or she is providing. With these simple steps I hope the Military Yellow Ribbon event will be less stressful and a more beneficial event. Thank you for your service.

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