My 2 days with Access at Boston Calling 2018

Normally I would not post personal blogs about my daily events or activities on this website. However, I have to share my experience at Boston Calling since it is Americans with Disabilities Association (“ADA”) related. Boston Calling is an annual festival featuring local and national artists such as Eminem, Tool and many others.

I have been to many concerts and many festivals over the years, but none better in terms of access as Boston Calling. They had an ADA tent for any patrons who may be in a wheelchair. They also have raised platforms where you can see every stage from a vantage point without anyone blocking your view. Most importantly they listened to the concerns of the disabled patrons adjusting to their every need.

For example, they placed the handicap seats next to the handicap porta john which seems like an obvious solution but is not necessarily always the case. As a result of these changes I feel relaxed and comfortable and have a blast every time I attend the Boston Calling event every year. This year, they featured a new and innovative handicap access feature, this was a handicap accessible golf cart. Honestly, I’ve been in a wheelchair for 30 years and I’ve never seen such a device.

This handicap golf cart was at the ready for any disabled patron who needed to zip from stage to stage to catch all the action. Many thanks to the staff at Boston Calling for their diligent and compassionate service in making my day extremely enjoyable.

Looking forward to Boston Calling next year, can’t wait to see what they bring for new innovative ideas.

See picture below of the golf cart.

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