General Mediation Resources:
The MA Attorney General’s Office website provides information on their Face-to-Face Mediation Program to help consumers resolve disputes.
A general overview of Mediation, how and why it works, and if it is the correct approach to solving your dispute.
What is Mediation and what are the benefits? Harvard Law School Mediation Program offers a simple overview of mediation and the Harvard Mediation Program (HMP)

Family Mediation:
This is a website for the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation, providing information on mediation for divorce, child custody, cohabitation & non-marital parenting, marital disputes, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, estate planning and probate, family business, elder issues, and mediation for same sex couples.

General Family Law Resources:
The Suffolk Probate and Family Court website includes resources, forms and contact information for the court.
This is a listing of the Mass General Laws, sorted alphabetically by topic.
This website provides links to different chapters in the manual entitled “Family Law Advocacy for Low and Moderate Income Litigants (rev. 2018)”. This manual covers a variety of family law topics.

This is the new alimony law passed in September 2011.

Child Support:
This website can help you plan and calculate what your child support obligations will be, or what you are entitled to. You should note that this is an initial determination. There are a number of additional factors that can impact your child support payments.

A basic overview of the divorce process in MA.

International Parental Kidnapping:
This guide is a good overview for parents who have concerns that their child is at risk for international kidnapping by the other parent.

Military Families:
Military OneSource is a great overall resource for military families covering almost all aspects of life, including legal issues.


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Children Born Out of Wedlock

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Return and Registry of Births, Marriages & Deaths

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Establishment of Paternity; Genetic Marker Tests

MGL c. 190 s. 7
Descent and Distribution; Inheritance

MGL c. 209D s. 7-701
Proceeding to Determine Parentage

42 USC 651 et seq.
Child Support and Establishment of Paternity

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