Essential Question’s to Ask Before Choosing your Counsel

Be sure to ask these questions before choosing who is going to represent you in your family law matter!

  1. What is the hourly fee for the attorney?
  2. Who is his paralegal? What is his/her hourly fee?
  3. To reduce costs, please handle by electronic mail rather than paying for copies and postage.
  4. What does the attorney know of opposing legal counsel?
  5. Because nothing has been filed, can he do so in his county or do you have to be a resident of that county?
  6. If filed in opposing parties county, what should you expect for travel charges?
  7. What is the attorney’s working relationship with the Judges? May the attorney pick the judge?
  8. Is there any court ordered classes/mediation that will be required? If so, what is the process for handling that out of state? Fees? Where can you get more information?
  9. What steps does the attorney recommend that you do prior to filing to give you the best chances of having a fair and amicable resolution?
  10. Is it possible to have the fees for a contested divorce agreed to up front and included in the fee agreement? i.e. option A as already outlined and Option B. etc. rather than putting down another retainer.
  11. Would it be better for you to file when you have established a permanent residence and secured employment?
  12. Should you be filing in the State that you reside in?
  13. If the divorce is contested, what can you expect for the discovery phase? Interrogatories, Depositions? Costs? Time?

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