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Brian McLaughlin is a divorce lawyer in Boston MA and offers Free Consultations to his clients. 617-236-5847. At McLaughlin Law we understand that every divorce case is unique, but it is our job to make sure that our client gets the individualized attention necessary to get what really matters to him or her.Divorce lawyer in Bston MA

At McLaughlin we handle all divorce related matters including:

  • Property division
  • Child custody
  • Parenting time
  • Child support
  • Spousal Support
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Restraining orders

A common concern for partners considering divorce is the division of assets gained throughout the marriage.  The state of Massachusetts has specific laws concerning the division of property.  Your first and best action is to seek a seasoned, skilled divorce lawyer in Boston MA to gain full clarity about how property and assets are granted to each party in divorce proceedings. The Law Office of Rachel M. McLaughlin understands the ins-and-outs of property negotiations. We can guide you to proceed forward in your divorce in a way that ensures your needs are met fairly.

About Divorce and Division of Assets in Massachusetts

In the state of Massachusetts, divorcing partners are required to divide marital assets equally. Conversely, debts obtained during the marriage are assigned equally as well.  Massachusetts law states that the division of property should be balanced and fair.  Every divorce presents different provisions to each couple. That means some couples may agree to split properties, assets, and/or debts. However, some disputes incurred in a divorce may need mediation. That is when a qualified divorce attorney in Boston MA is your best ally in assuring you have the best representation to retain the value gained during the time of marriage.

What to Know About Property Division Divorce Settlements in Massachusetts

Divorce can present a long and winding road in terms of estimated value, assets, and property accumulated during a marriage. That is why retaining the consultation and guidance of a skilled divorce attorney in Boston MA is your first step to retaining proper representation and anchoring yourself in receiving what you deserve in the divorce settlement. Here are a few points to keep in mind when it comes to general law practices about asset-assignments in a divorce proceeding.

What Is Considered Marital Property: In most cases, marital property is considered to be all real estate, possessions, interests, and assets that were obtained during the marriage. As the state of Massachusetts is currently a community property state, all division of assets is typically equally divided between divorcing parties. However, some exceptions apply, and that is when a divorce lawyer can be your best asset in determining your due entitlements in the process of your divorce.

How Property Is Divided After Divorce: Property can be a tricky aspect in the process of divorce, particularly if the assets were owned before the contract of marriage was imposed. Ideally, the divorcing parties can agree about property and asset distribution without going to litigation. When this is not the case and no agreement can be met, then a divorce attorney can help mediate to assist in determining the most harmonious solutions in asset and property divisions.

Retaining the Services of a Divorce Lawyer in Boston MA can Assist with Asset Divisions

The skilled divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of Rachel M. McLaughlin identify with our clients and we understand the hard work you have invested in attaining assets and property during a marriage.   By contacting our legal offices today, we will start the process of assessing your entitlement to assets and assist you in preserving the value you have achieved so it will not perish during a divorce.

Our firm handles all aspects of the divorce procedure for the initial filling for divorce to any post judgment modification or complaints for contempt.

We are diligent with responding to all filings, representing you in any court hearings including motions, pre-trials and trials.

We strive to resolve all matters amicably and offer alternative dispute resolution and meditation and collaborative law if our clients desire to avoid court.

To speak with a divorce lawyer in Boston MA today, Call attorney McLaughlin in Boston at 617-236-5847.


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