What is a 504 Plan vs IEP?

IEP, special education, special needs

Raising a child with special needs can be a challenge – and even understanding the help that is out there can be a challenge in and of itself. Between the jargon and the different plans available, choosing what is best for your child can be difficult. Your child has certain rights – including the right […]

Special Education Advocacy Network Events in the month of May

adaptive devices, adaptive technologies, ADHD, Autism, Basic Rights, BSEA, Creating a Vision, IEP, School discipline, SPAN, special education, special needs

During the month of May I worked as a Special Education Advocate by educating parents and professionals on various topics associated with special needs. The first training kicked off in Cohasset, which focused on “Creating A Vision”. This workshop is to help parents develop future goals for their children through their children’s lens. No vision […]

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