Essential Question’s to Ask Before Choosing your Counsel

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Be sure to ask these questions before choosing who is going to represent you in your family law matter! What is the hourly fee for the attorney? Who is his paralegal? What is his/her hourly fee? To reduce costs, please handle by electronic mail rather than paying for copies and postage. What does the attorney […]

Welcoming the Troops Home for the Holidays


With the War in Iraq officially over, scores of U.S. military members will be returning to the United States just in time for the holidays. While we are so happy to welcome our troops home, we must also recognize the host of issues facing our service members. The Department of Defense runs a website called […]

Preparing for a Military Yellow Ribbon Event

Family Law, Military

This weekend I went to a Military Yellow Ribbon event. Giving legal counsel to men and women who serve our country could quite possibly be one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done. Think about when you have gone on vacation and you pay some of your bills ahead of time so you […]

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