5 signs you need a family law mediator


Family law issues can be daunting. They involve a lot of emotions and can be hard to pull through when you don’t have any representation. There are several legal matters in family law that you should refrain from tackling by yourself. Whenever you see a sign that things are headed there, it is best that […]

What is family law mediation?

Family Law, mediation

Divorces, legal separations, and child custody disputes are commonly fueled by much emotion from the parties directly involved with the proceedings. Often, matters related to family court can be filled with contentious feelings and resentment that can lead to long, drawn-out litigations in the court systems. Family law mediation utilizes a neutral third party, known as a mediator, […]

Essential Question’s to Ask Before Choosing your Counsel

Alimony, alimony reform act, Child Support, Divorce, Family Law, Legislation, Massachusetts alimony, mediation, Military, paternity, questions for attorneys

Be sure to ask these questions before choosing who is going to represent you in your family law matter! What is the hourly fee for the attorney? Who is his paralegal? What is his/her hourly fee? To reduce costs, please handle by electronic mail rather than paying for copies and postage. What does the attorney […]

Differences Between Mediation and Conciliation

ADR, alternative dispute resolution, alternative to traditional litigation, collaborative law, conciliation, is there something else besides divorce, mediation, mediators

One of the issues that crops up frequently when I am advising potential clients of their legal options is the availability of ADR or alternative dispute resolution. ADR can offer a potential or current client an alternate path to the cost, time, and stress of traditional litigation. As a trained mediator in addition to my […]

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