What a 209A Means for the Kids

209A, Domestic Violence, Family Law

209A Abuse Prevention orders are valuable tools to protect families from domestic violence. A judge can issue a 209A that requires an abuser to stay away from his or her partner, or extend the order to include any children in the household. Because of the power of a 209A (they often are in effect for […]

To Be Material, or Not to Be?

Divorce, Family Law

This blog will examine what steps need to be taken to file for and prove a material change in circumstance. Part two of this blog will examine the new legislation concerning alimony and its impacts. First a person must file a complaint alleging a material change in circumstance. The material change in circumstance must be […]

Preparing for a Military Yellow Ribbon Event

Family Law, Military

This weekend I went to a Military Yellow Ribbon event. Giving legal counsel to men and women who serve our country could quite possibly be one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done. Think about when you have gone on vacation and you pay some of your bills ahead of time so you […]

Christmas Does Not Always Bring Holiday Cheer

Divorce, Family Law

Christmas brings with it holiday cheer for some but not all. The Christmas season can be very stressful with all the planning, decorating, etc. Christmas is particularly stressful for those who are in divorced families for different reasons. This post will attempt to provide some guidance. First, there should be a written plan in place […]

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