Family Court Rule 410 Disclosures

Family Law

We happened to get a hold of a scripted scene from the Kerry Stringer show. While the quality of people on the show is questionable, during this episode there’s some really helpful information about Supplemental Probate and Family Court Rule 401. If you’re in the middle of a divorce, you’re going to want to take […]

What is family law mediation?

Family Law, mediation

Divorces, legal separations, and child custody disputes are commonly fueled by much emotion from the parties directly involved with the proceedings. Often, matters related to family court can be filled with contentious feelings and resentment that can lead to long, drawn-out litigations in the court systems. Family law mediation utilizes a neutral third party, known as a mediator, […]

Essential Question’s to Ask Before Choosing your Counsel

Alimony, alimony reform act, Child Support, Divorce, Family Law, Legislation, Massachusetts alimony, mediation, Military, paternity, questions for attorneys

Be sure to ask these questions before choosing who is going to represent you in your family law matter! What is the hourly fee for the attorney? Who is his paralegal? What is his/her hourly fee? To reduce costs, please handle by electronic mail rather than paying for copies and postage. What does the attorney […]

Vaida v. Vaida

Divorce, estate planning, Family Law, financial planning

November Case Summary Vaida v. Vaida 13-P-I827 The plaintiff, Nancy C. Vaida (mother), appeals from an order for summary judgment on her complaint seeking that the defendant, George A. Vaida (father), pay post minority support for his twenty-three year old physically disabled son. The parties had three minor children. While the parties were separated and […]

Readiness reentry program

Alimony, BBA, BBA Newsletter, Child Support, Family Law

I am delighted to be presenting with Raquel Webster, Senior General Counsel for National Grid, on the topic of family law and the Readiness Re-Entry Program as established by the Boston Bar Association’s Public Interest Leadership Program, Class of 2013. This program seeks to educate former inmates on a wide array of topics, including employment […]

Veterans Legal Services Annual Gala

Family Law, Veterans, Veterans Legal Services, VLS

Veterans Legal Services provides free legal advice and representation to homeless and low-income veterans. They also provide legal advice and representation to individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Veterans Legal Services relies on the support of their generous donors so they can continue to offer critical legal services to those […]

Think Before Divorce

Divorce, Family Law

Here are some recent statistics from a seminar which I attended that paint a disturbing picture of the divorce process and should give any lawyer pause before filing their next divorce case: Children of Divorce are: twice as likely to drop out of school as those from intact homes three time as apt to have […]

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