Interplay Between Restraining Orders and Fifth Amendment Privilege Against Self Incrimination

209A, abuse prevention order, Domestic Violence, hearing, probate and family court, protection, self-incrimination, Supreme Court

What the heck does that mean? In a recent Supreme Court Case, SINGH v. CAPUANO , the Supreme Court held that an evidentiary hearing must be held in a restraining order case and that the statute 209A must be closely followed and that one’s right against self-incrimination is weighed in the context of the hearing […]

Violence Against Women Act

Domestic Violence, domestic violence hotline, joe biden, new domestic violence law, violence against women

His voice thick with emotion, Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday again toured the National Domestic Violence Hotline he helped create, calling victims of such abuse “prisoners in plain sight.” Housed in an unmarked building in suburban Austin, the hotline was founded in 1996, two years after Congress approved the federal Violence Against Women Act, […]

What a 209A Means for the Kids

209A, Domestic Violence, Family Law

209A Abuse Prevention orders are valuable tools to protect families from domestic violence. A judge can issue a 209A that requires an abuser to stay away from his or her partner, or extend the order to include any children in the household. Because of the power of a 209A (they often are in effect for […]

Restraining Orders 101: Part 2

Domestic Violence, Restraining Orders

This is part two of Restraining Orders 101 and details the process for seeking a restraining order once it is deemed to be the right course of action. The Process: Once you have determined that getting a restraining order is the right step to take, it’s important to understand the process. The first step is […]

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