Navigating Changes in Alimony Over Time

Alimony, Divorce, Marriage

The purpose of alimony “is to avoid any unfair economic consequences of a divorce, even after property is divided and child support, if any, is awarded.”[1] Two Massachusetts cases illustrate how alimony changes over time, particularly when one spouse reaches retirement age. In Pierce v. Pierce (SJC-10381), Rudolph Pierce, the former husband, had been paying […]

Divorce Process


This blog will explain the steps in a divorce, and what you will need to provide an attorney. As you navigate through the process, the first document you will need to bring is your original marriage certificate. Sometimes clients want to keep this for their records or just simply to remember a time in their […]

To Be Material, or Not to Be?

Divorce, Family Law

This blog will examine what steps need to be taken to file for and prove a material change in circumstance. Part two of this blog will examine the new legislation concerning alimony and its impacts. First a person must file a complaint alleging a material change in circumstance. The material change in circumstance must be […]

Christmas Does Not Always Bring Holiday Cheer

Divorce, Family Law

Christmas brings with it holiday cheer for some but not all. The Christmas season can be very stressful with all the planning, decorating, etc. Christmas is particularly stressful for those who are in divorced families for different reasons. This post will attempt to provide some guidance. First, there should be a written plan in place […]

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