How Joint Custody Child Support Works

Child Support

From the family court’s point of view, child support is often straightforward if there is only one custodial parent. But when joint custody exists, divorcing parents are sometimes surprised to learn that child support is still awarded. In Massachusetts, those calculations are based on factors such as the distribution of time in which the children […]

3 Child Support Regulations Unique to Massachusetts

Child Support

All U.S. states have their own individual laws and regulations concerning the determination of child support obligations. However, Massachusetts child support law can be particularly complex as the state’s regulations allow judges to take into consideration a wide range of factors in making a decision regarding child support. In particular, three aspects of the laws […]

Essential Question’s to Ask Before Choosing your Counsel

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Be sure to ask these questions before choosing who is going to represent you in your family law matter! What is the hourly fee for the attorney? Who is his paralegal? What is his/her hourly fee? To reduce costs, please handle by electronic mail rather than paying for copies and postage. What does the attorney […]

Readiness reentry program

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I am delighted to be presenting with Raquel Webster, Senior General Counsel for National Grid, on the topic of family law and the Readiness Re-Entry Program as established by the Boston Bar Association’s Public Interest Leadership Program, Class of 2013. This program seeks to educate former inmates on a wide array of topics, including employment […]

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