Improved Access to Courts for Folks with Disabilities

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In response to a recent study, which essentially concluded that disabled parents are more likely to have their children taken away in custody disputes, H. 1379 seeks to improve access to the Probate and Family Court as well as providing safeguards for parents. Key language includes that there must be a nexus between the disability […]

Recent family law decisions

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Commonwealth v. Washington W (2012) The Commonwealth appeals from orders of a judge In the Juvenile Court dismissing two youthful offender indictments charging the juvenile with statutory rape. The judge ordered the dismissal after finding that the juvenile had suffered presumptive and actual prejudice from the “Commonwealth’s willful and repeated failure to comply with discovery […]

Think Before Divorce

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Here are some recent statistics from a seminar which I attended that paint a disturbing picture of the divorce process and should give any lawyer pause before filing their next divorce case: Children of Divorce are: twice as likely to drop out of school as those from intact homes three time as apt to have […]

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