SJC holds that abuse prevention orders do not apply in group home settings

209A, abuse, abuse prevention order, group home, handicap people, intimate relationship, Restraining Orders

In Silva v. Carmel, the SJC held that an abuse prevention order, more commonly known as a restraining order, does not apply in a group home setting. Looking at the strict elements of the statute, because they were not family members or in an intimate relationship, the protection of the restraining order would not apply. […]

Veterans Legal Services Annual Gala

Family Law, Veterans, Veterans Legal Services, VLS

Veterans Legal Services provides free legal advice and representation to homeless and low-income veterans. They also provide legal advice and representation to individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Veterans Legal Services relies on the support of their generous donors so they can continue to offer critical legal services to those […]

Violence Against Women Act

Domestic Violence, domestic violence hotline, joe biden, new domestic violence law, violence against women

His voice thick with emotion, Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday again toured the National Domestic Violence Hotline he helped create, calling victims of such abuse “prisoners in plain sight.” Housed in an unmarked building in suburban Austin, the hotline was founded in 1996, two years after Congress approved the federal Violence Against Women Act, […]

Differences Between Mediation and Conciliation

ADR, alternative dispute resolution, alternative to traditional litigation, collaborative law, conciliation, is there something else besides divorce, mediation, mediators

One of the issues that crops up frequently when I am advising potential clients of their legal options is the availability of ADR or alternative dispute resolution. ADR can offer a potential or current client an alternate path to the cost, time, and stress of traditional litigation. As a trained mediator in addition to my […]

New Restraining Order Guidance Issued by the SJC

209A, abuse prevention order, appropriate forum for abuse prevention order, defendant's visitation rights, visitation, visitation rights

In a recent SJC position, in Moreno v. Naranjo, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court held that it was improper for a district court judge to makes inquires related to family visitation in considering a 209A Abuse Prevention Order. The purpose of a prevention order is to protect the plaintiff. I often will advise clients that […]

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