3 Child Support Regulations Unique to Massachusetts

Child Support

All U.S. states have their own individual laws and regulations concerning the determination of child support obligations. However, Massachusetts child support law can be particularly complex as the state’s regulations allow judges to take into consideration a wide range of factors in making a decision regarding child support. In particular, three aspects of the laws […]

6 Quick tips when you’re getting a divorce in MA


Divorce is rarely easy, but in certain states, within the U.S. the process can be drawn-out and quite public. Fortunately, Massachusetts has divorce laws in place ensuring that in many cases neither spouse needs to be publicly blamed for the breakdown of the marriage, and the waiting period before a divorce is relatively brief. But […]

Family Court Rule 410 Disclosures

Family Law

We happened to get a hold of a scripted scene from the Kerry Stringer show. While the quality of people on the show is questionable, during this episode there’s some really helpful information about Supplemental Probate and Family Court Rule 401. If you’re in the middle of a divorce, you’re going to want to take […]

5 signs you need a family law mediator


Family law issues can be daunting. They involve a lot of emotions and can be hard to pull through when you don’t have any representation. There are several legal matters in family law that you should refrain from tackling by yourself. Whenever you see a sign that things are headed there, it is best that […]

When do I need child custody lawyers?


If your partner has filed for divorce, or both you and your spouse have decided to go separate ways, the issue of child custody is definitely of utmost importance. A lawyer who specializes in child custody may be necessary because not all divorce or family lawyers have the experience in handling the placement of children […]

Real Estate Lawyer Responsibilities

Real Estate

A real estate lawyer works tooth and nail to document and review real estate transactions, for both buyers and sellers. These transactions include lease agreements, purchases, home inspections, and even appraisals. The lawyer also reviews any offers and makes sure that all your rights are protected and your duties are clearly defined. In case things go wrong […]

What is family law mediation?

Family Law, mediation

Divorces, legal separations, and child custody disputes are commonly fueled by much emotion from the parties directly involved with the proceedings. Often, matters related to family court can be filled with contentious feelings and resentment that can lead to long, drawn-out litigations in the court systems. Family law mediation utilizes a neutral third party, known as a mediator, […]

Special Education Websites

special education

Helpful special education websites. Anyone who is taking care of a special education child probably has experienced the difficulty of trying to find accurate, helpful, and straightforward information about how to best care for their kid. There are a tremendous number of websites covering this topic. However, many of these resources are either technical or […]

What is a 504 Plan vs IEP?

IEP, special education, special needs

Raising a child with special needs can be a challenge – and even understanding the help that is out there can be a challenge in and of itself. Between the jargon and the different plans available, choosing what is best for your child can be difficult. Your child has certain rights – including the right […]

What are the responsibilities of a special education attorney?

special education

The process of qualifying for, establishing, implementing and measuring an IEP or 504 Plan for a child with disabilities is intended to be a constructive and “non-adversarial” process. And you wouldn’t think you need a special education attorney. Unfortunately, aside from placing a child in a special needs class, many schools seem reluctant to provide special […]

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